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Allied Universal’s HELIAUS app helps keep facilities secure

Allied Universal’s HELIAUS app helps keep facilities secure

SANTA ANA, Calif.—Allied Universal is using its HELIAUS, an advanced artificial intelligence platform designed to improve safety and reduce risk by enhancing on-site guarding services, to support its customers’ return-to-workplace initiatives.

By enhancing the platform to include a new visitor screening application, it offers screening questions based on Centers of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and implements customer-specific visitor screening protocols such as instructing security professionals to take a visitor’s temperature or asking a visitor to use a hand sanitization station before entry. The new application is also fully configurable to support different screening procedures. 

“The HELIAUS visitor screening application includes new suggestions for workflows that help with visitor screening, social distancing management, workplace signage and maintaining a safe and clean workspace,” Mark Mullison, chief information officer, Allied Universal said in the announcement. “All of the information collected in the course of visitor screening or custom workflows is captured electronically and fed into the platform’s AI engine, which makes recommendations for improving the site’s condition.” 

As an example, using GPS and Bluetooth beacons, HELIAUS understand security professional’s locations in real-time, even indoors. If he or she approaches an elevator bay, it might ask whether people are present and if they are obeying social distancing guidelines. The answers are recorded and over time, based on the knowledge collected, the AI machine will make predictions about when enforcement of social distancing guidelines is most likely needed and will notify security professionals to inspect the bays and encourage social distancing at the right times. 

“HELIAUS has the ability to remotely message important updates or assign important tasks to your security professionals,” Mullison said, noting that clients can receive customer email and/or text reports in real-time. 


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