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An eye on video surveillance trends

An eye on video surveillance trends

As we embark on a new year, we have a tendency to take a look at trends to follow over the next few months. In the security industry, a number of video surveillance trends to look for in 2021 were recently released in a report by Eagle Eye Networks.

The rise of cloud

One of the trends that the report outlined is that there is more of a customer demand for cloud video security. The report states, “The shift to the benefits of cloud in the video surveillance space is powerful and undeniable, including major cost savings, heightened data security, remote access and maintenance, flexible storage and retention, scalability, increased stability, and disaster recovery.”

One of our 40 under 40 winners, Haley Glover, senior security consultant for Sapphire Risk Advisory Group, talked about how more clients are utilizing cloud technology for their security systems.

“Many of our clients in the cannabis industry have locations across multiple states,” she said. “Having access to all of their systems is a necessity and having an option like cloud-based services makes that process a bit easier for the user and for the integrator.”

AI-powered analytics

A second video surveillance trend the report highlighted is that advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) will transform video surveillance systems into even more valuable business solutions. “Ultimately, smart cloud video surveillance will make businesses smarter and more customer-focused and communities safer and more engaged,” the report states. “In addition, it will enable manufacturers to provide higher-quality products in a safer, more timely manner.”

Another 40 under 40 recipient, Michael Amaro, director of security engineering for Sentinel Consulting, pointed out that the interest in analytics was emerging as one of the top trends in the security industry today.

“For analytics, it’s more than just facial recognition,” he said. “We are seeing more calls for analytics like que monitoring and packages left behind where we can provide the client with a much better response to potential threats. Using these analytics to automate the alarm and response process is helping clients become more efficient and allows them to utilize a more mobile approach to their security plan. This has proven most beneficial for clients who don’t have a full-time operations center.”  

Compliance and the role of IT

A third trend revolves around the fact that compliance requirements are constantly evolving. Video surveillance is becoming more widely adopted across various industries, including cannabis, healthcare, banking and law enforcement.

In the February issue, we focus on the security measures that cannabis dispensaries are implementing, while adhering to federal, state and local mandates.

Bryan Sanderford, national sales manager for Dortronics Systems, Inc., noted, “As long as federal laws prevent cannabis retailer locations from using the banking system, large amounts of cash stored on site will require extra security.” 

Other trends outlined in the report include the fact that information technology (IT) departments are engaging with, and in many cases owning, video surveillance, and that customers are expecting systems to be open and connected to “make it possible for businesses and developers to integrate any number of applications on a single video management system (VMS) platform.”

Forecast for 2021

What do these video surveillance trends mean for the security industry, as a whole, in 2021, especially after such a challenging year in 2020? Hans Kahler, vice president of operations at Eagle Eye Networks, forecast what lies ahead in the area of video surveillance in the coming months.

“Combine the promise of AI and cloud video surveillance with the volatility, instability, and remote work environment of 2020 and we have an environment where people are looking for their video surveillance and security systems to deliver more business value than ever before,” he said. “The acceleration of cloud adoption and use of analytics to provide improved security and drive business improvement will make 2021 a transformative year for the industry.”

We’ll take “transformative” after what 2020 brought us. Happy New Year!



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