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Josh Woodhouse teases move beyond security

Josh Woodhouse teases move beyond security ‘Technology should not be siloed’

Josh Woodhouse teases move beyond security

LAS VEGAS – Josh Woodhouse, the founder and lead analyst at Novaira Insights, will explore “how AI and other technological shifts are driving the video surveillance market beyond security” during a session at ISC West 2024.  

Here’s a teaser for the upcoming tech talk, “Moving Beyond Security – How to React to AI’s Transformative Potential.” 

SSN: Can you tell me some more about what you’ll be discussing during your session? 

WOODHOUSE: I’ll be discussing the concept of moving beyond security. This is a trend where security vendors are augmenting their solutions with artificial intelligence technologies and additional IoT sensors. This enables capabilities targeted at end-users’ non-security workflows such as safety, business operations, employee and customer experience, and sustainability. 

This concept is taking hold alongside the disruptive technological macrotrends driving change in security such as AI, IoT and the cloud. It also presents a large potential opportunity we’ll cover in the session. Systems integrators who can broaden their operational scope beyond security are expanding their business prospects and heading off competitive threats. 

SSN: As far as transformative potential goes, what corner of the security industry do you see benefitting or changing the most from the growth of artificial intelligence and why? 

WOODHOUSE: In my view, vendors of video surveillance solutions have the easier route to unlock some of the potential I refer to compared with other security specialists. This is due to their experience with video ecosystems and the versatility of the camera as a multi-purpose sensor. We are beginning to see the fruits of this versatility in the advancements in video analytic performance and scope. 

SSN: If there was one thing you hope your audience takes away from this session, what would it be? 

WOODHOUSE: Security technology should not be siloed. Physical security centric systems used beyond security can be hugely valuable contributors to other workflows in an organization. In the future, security is expected to transition from a peripheral to a central operational technology within organizations. This mirrors the transformation that IT has undergone over the past three decades or so. 

The details 

Date: Tuesday, Apr 9th, 09:00 AM - 09:45 AM, in Venetian 308 at the Venetian Expo 

Speaker: Josh Woodhouse, founder and lead analyst at Novaira Insights, will provide guidance as to the major technological and business model shifts observed and expected. Security professionals need to understand if and how to adapt their businesses to potential new decision makers and stakeholders. 


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