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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, only please don’t send me any more apps, because I think I’ve hit my limit.

This week I yearn to breath the air of freedom from software applications because I can’t seem to escape writing about everyone’s new app. You might think I’m exaggerating, and you’d be right, I’m not spending my time talking about new apps soon to infest people’s smartphones, and that’s because I’m spending all my time writing about people’s OLD apps.

That’s right the curse of AI strikes again. As with any fad, no matter how integral it might be to the future of an industry, I can’t just suffer it once or twice, but at every single available moment. I just finished writing about Latch (who somehow still isn’t DOOR yet or is it launching its DOOR app, which brings together its services in one handy place, not the same place as the forty other handy apps you have for a dozen different services, but I digress.

Also, it has an AI assistant, because AI.

I get that everyone has to keep up with the competition, but man, what I wouldn’t give for someone to release a new service or feature that doesn’t have an app, because if there’s one thing we need less of, its software middlemen. Is it really worth whatever monthly fees you’re paying to have an app that will tell you the exact same plumber your neighbor used and then offer to contact that service person for you? You could just ask your neighbor and do that yourself for free.

Also you don't have to send me a press release every time you write a version update for your software guys, patch notes are fine.

In any case I don’t think this is a question that’s going to answer itself anytime soon. We’ll just have to wait and see how the situation pans out, unless the AI assistant can do that for you too.

If they start asking for a tip I’m out of here.


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