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Art students pay for biometrics readers

Art students pay for biometrics readers

CARMEL, Ind.—Students at the Peck School of the Arts on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus funded a project that led to the installation of Schlage HandKey readers at the six-building complex, according to a March 6 news release from Allegion, parent company of Schlage.

Thirteen readers are located on the exteriors of the buildings while several others are installed to manage access via certain elevators.

“We asked Anixter, our integrator, what would be a good solution to stop homeless people and strangers from entering the buildings, where art students can be found working on projects day and night,” explained Randy Trumbull-Holper, director of facilities for the Peck School of the Arts, in a prepared statement. “They, along with a locksmith on our campus, suggested that the students consider biometric hand readers.”

A Schlage HandKey reader utilizes hand geometry technology that analyzes more than 31,000 points and records more than 90 separate measurements of an individual's hand, including length, width, thickness and surface area, to verify the person's identity. Now only registered art students are able to gain access to the facilities, in conjunction with entering a pin number. The hand readers are effective even if art students have stained or paint-splashed hands.


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