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August 19 is International VPN Day

August 19 is International VPN Day

LONDON – Proxy server service NordVPN is reminding everyone to brush up on their cybersecurity education, because August 19 is International VPN (Virtual Private Network) Day.

The day was first suggested by NordVPN as a way of reminding the users the importance of cybersecurity in the face of rising cyber crime.  Cyber crime costs exceeded $6 trillion in 2021 and cyber attack rates are expected to double by 2025.
As a result, NordVPN is encouraging people to take the National Privacy Test to test their cybersecurity awareness. “Last year, 24,311 respondents from 197 countries took the test to celebrate, and the results showed that while people know a lot about being safe online, their habits still remain poor.” The company stated in a press release.

“Every year, the demand for VPNs is growing worldwide. In fact, it is now six times higher than for another well-known cybersecurity solution – antivirus. That shows how the tool has become mainstream as a result of people caring more about their safety and privacy online. Celebrating International VPN Day is celebrating a private, safe, and liberated internet,” says Daniel Markuson, a cybersecurity expert at NordVPN.

NordVPN cites a number of reasons users may want to consider having a VPN including Private browsing, bypassing censorship, faster internet speeds, secure file downloads and more.

Those interested in taking the National Privacy Test can do so at


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