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The biggest booths at ASIS 2015

The biggest booths at ASIS 2015 Protection 1 to ‘make a splash’ again

ANAHEIM, Calif.—At ASIS International's 2015 Seminar and Exhibits, which will take place here Sept. 28-Oct. 1, Protection 1 is upping its presence and other top companies, such as ASSA ABLOY and Axis, are looking toward being greener, while TycoIS and STANLEY focus on interactivity.

Protection 1 is increasing the size of its booth at ASIS, from 800-square-feet in 2014 to 3,000-square-feet this year. “This year we're going back to a large booth,” Lisa Ciappetta, senior director marketing & technology at Protection 1, told Security Systems News.

Protection 1 had a large booth in the past, when it was trying to “make a splash” and get brand recognition, Ciapetta said, but the company “took a step back” in 2013. “What we decided to do for the next couple of years [after 2013] was scale down the booth size, but what we did in tandem was create a [separate, branded] meeting space,” she said. At this year's show, the booth is growing to incorporate that meeting space.

ASSA ABLOY will have 4,000 square feet on the show floor, Martin Huddart, president of the Access and Egress Hardware Group at ASSA ABLOY, told SSN. Its booth will be similar to its design at other trade shows (photo on left is the company at ISC West), but the company will not have an ASSA ABLOY truck at ASIS this year.

The booth is designed around the company's different technologies, Huddart said, and sustainability will be a running theme at ASIS. “We have a lot of focus on power, on power management, power supplies and devices which consume less power.”

Axis is also incorporating sustainability into its booth this year. Working with an outside marketing company, Axis is “creating literature kiosks, which allow you to select the type of collateral you want from our booth, then it emails it directly to you from that kiosk,” James Marcella, Axis director or technical services, told SSN. “Obviously it's an effort to stay a little more green.”

Marcella said the kiosks are “the major change that we're putting into the booth.” Sustainability is a core value for Axis, he said; the company publishes annual sustainability reports.

An hourly product video and a camera raffle also draws attendees to Axis' booth, Marcella said. (Photo on left: Axis' booth design is similar to its appearance at ISC West)

TycoIS will feature video displays and interactivity with its ASIS 2015 booth, according to VP of marketing Hank Monaco. The company is creating an interactive “word cloud,” featuring attendee answers to the question: What is the most important thing that you protect?

“We do a fair amount of work, with some iconic venues around the world. We're going to showcase—on a video wall—some of the work that we do: We protect Fenway Park for the Red Sox, we protect the Staples Center … Lambeau Field and Madison Square Garden,” Monaco said.

TycoIS has done the video wall in the past, but this year it'll feature a broader portfolio, according to Monaco.

Monaco called TycoIS' booth for the show a “proven design,” developed after several different iterations. In includes a greeting area with coffee bar, meeting spaces and solutions-focused kiosks around the outside.

STANLEY has been attending ASIS since 2002, said Scott Hucksoll, ?vice president business development & sales operations. The company balances a few different themes in the booth, he said: fun, information and more recently, charity.

Hucksoll said the company wants the booth to be interactive, creating large touchscreen displays. This year STANLEY is debuting an application showcasing various solutions across vertical markets. Prospective customers “can drop and paste solution sets into this configurator, so you could actually start—real-time—developing a solution.”

“It's not just a show tool, it's going to be a tool that we arm all of our sales reps with,” Hucksoll said.

STANLEY has partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project since ASIS 2013, and the partnership will continue this year, Beth Tarnoff, director of marketing for STANLEY told SSN in an email interview.

Marcella said Axis benefits from presenting directly to security practitioners at ASIS. “The show is really geared toward the end users … [and] it's really good to get in front of people who're using the products themselves.”

Axis will exhibit on 5,000 square feet this year. The company features technology partners in its booth at trade shows, said Marcella. At ASIS 2015 the Axis booth will feature 20 partners.


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