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Coming home to roost

Coming home to roost

Another week, another grab bag of security topics to blog about with news of varying degrees of importance, but it’s all noteworthy.

Keeping with the theme of this week’s blog title we’re talking about Twitter again. Let me preempt this by saying, no, I’m not calling it “X”, and no, it’s not about who you think it is. It’s actually been roughly about a year since they last heavily featured in this blog space when Peiter Zatko testified in front of the government. Well, that testimony has materialized into the SEC looking into the 2018 security incident that exposed users’ personal information, among other glaring infractions I have no doubt. The wheels of justice turn it seems, however slowly (Also the SEC is suing Musk for refusal to testify in a different twitter related lawsuit, I know I promised but that one’s for color).

Also, while the suspect remains at large from the Morgan State University shooting that we covered last week, I’m happy to say that university staff appear to be taking the situation seriously. The university’s head administrator held a town hall meeting to discuss changes Morgan State will be making to its security measures. Key improvements discussed include extending the security wall on campus by around 8,000 linear feet, enclosing the campus more. Other goals included examining technology that can covertly identify someone in possession of a weapon, a weapons detection system, if you will. I think I might have listed a few candidates last week that they should look at.

Lastly there’s the elephant in the room I’ve been ignoring talking about with the outbreak of hostilities in Israel over the weekend. I’m not going to dive into it this week I think, but as a heads-up I’ve reached out to a number of names in the security industry for their response to the war in Gaza, so keep an eye out for that article when it’s done cooking. I only wish I could promise it would say something comforting, but it won’t.

It can’t.


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