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Control4 launches new wireless lighting control family

Control4 launches new wireless lighting control family

SALT LAKE CITY—Control4, a provider of home automation systems, today announced a new family of wireless lighting control products designed for integration with Control4 security platforms, according to a company statement. The systems are available for both residential and commercial applications.

With the market for intelligent lighting controls expected to increase steadily in the next decade, Control4 is launching a broad range of energy saving lighting solutions, including adaptive phase dimmers, dimmers for LED applications and configurable keypads, the statement noted. Each new switch, dimmer, and keypad includes an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of status LEDs and button backlighting.

“Intelligent lighting enhances the aesthetics of the entire home, helps manage energy consumptions, and with Control4 technology can integrate with security, audio/video and climate-control systems, as well as with window shades and other devices to create truly personalized experiences for homeowners,” said Martin Plaehn, CEO of Control4, in the statement.

Control4's lighting product family includes new customization enhancements, and is suitable for both retrofit and new construction projects, according to the release.


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