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General News

Intrusion trends stem from smart home, home automation capabilities

January 2, 2020

YARMOUTH, Maine—The concept of physical intrusion, detection and keeping unauthorized individuals from accessing a particular space is an issue as old as time. Think moats dug around castles of old; concealed traps strategically placed around a particular area; the construction of tall, impenetrable walls protecting what's inside — all the way to modern days, where lives are filled with technologically savvy security systems; all types of locks on doors, cabinets, etc.; passwords...

home automation, Intruder Alarms, intrusion detection, Johnson Controls, Robert Davis, smart home, Smart home automation

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Also Noted

U.S. International Trade Commission rules in favor of Nortek

December 6, 2019SSN Staff

CARLSBAD, Calif.—Nortek Security & Control, a global leader in wireless security, home automation, access control, and health and wellness technology, announced that an administrative law judge (ALJ) of the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a notice of finding that there was no violation of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 in connection with the patent infringement action brought against Nortek by The Chamberlain Group, Inc. Finding: ALJ found that none of the products...

access control, home automation, Nortek Security & Control, patents, wireless security

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On The Editor's Desk

Smart home market is growing and maturing

May 29, 2019Paul Ragusa

The smart home continues to grow in awareness among homeowners, with approximately 22 percent of U.S. Internet households reporting owning a smart home device in Q4 2018, up from 17 percent in Q4 2017, according to The NPD Group. Alongside ownership growth, 2018 saw an 18 percent dollar sales growth in home automation devices compared to 2017, and NPD's latest Future of Tech forecast expects the category to reach $2.5 billion by the end of 2019. According to the Connected Home Automation Report from...

home automation, NPD Group, smart home

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ADT launches new home automation system nationwide

March 27, 2019SSN Staff

BOCA RATON, Fla.—ADT, a provider of monitored security and interactive home and business automation solutions in the U.S. and Canada, is rolling out the ADT Command panel and control platform nationwide.Building on the ADT Pulse platform, which was introduced in 2010, ADT Command offers a rich feature set customized to address customers' lifestyle and needs, while increasing operational efficiencies. The 7-inch wireless touchscreen panel can be wall-mounted or conveniently unbound, and is equipped...

ADT, home automation, Jim DeVries

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On The Editor's Desk

Home sweet home

November 9, 2016Paul Ragusa

There has been a lot of good news coming out lately on the state of residential security, which over the past few years has been bolstered by interactive and connected services, home automation, DIY and the emergence of mobile everything. Technavio recently released a report on the residential security market, which shows that from 2016 to 2020 the global market for residential security will grow at a 7.34 percent CAGR—from $21.93 billion to $31.25 billion. The North American market will rise...

home automation, Residential Security

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Comcast and reportedly in talks to acquire Icontrol

June 15, 2016Martha Entwistle

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—Interactive services platform provider and cable giant Comcast are in talks to acquire platform provider Icontrol Networks, according to several sources who spoke to Security Systems News, and published reports.The deal could bring “Big Blue”—ADT, which has about 30 percent market share—to Contacted by SSN, Icontrol, and Comcast declined to, a direct competitor to Icontrol, would likely acquire Icontrol's...

ADT,, Comcast, home automation, iControl, interactive services, Parks Associates, Protection 1, Residential Security, Tom Kerber

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News and Notes

Smart home mania or madness?

June 1, 2016Paul Ragusa

With the flood of new smart home products hitting the market these days, one of the things I look forward to each day is checking my Google Alerts to see what new surprises this wild west of home automation and connectivity is bringing us now. From smart toasters that tell you when your toast is ready, or if you like, that toasts the past night's sports scores right onto the bread for you, to a smart-fridge that tells you when you need more milk, the number and volume of new smart home products hitting...

home automation, smart home

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General News

Global home automation market to hit $78b by 2022

May 23, 2016Spencer Ives

DALLAS—The global home automation market is forecasted to more than double by 2022, according to a recent Marketsandmarkets report, in part due to the Internet of Things and home automation features that save money by reducing energy consumption.“The home automation system market is expected to reach $78.27 billion by 2022,” Rohit Waghadhare, team lead for Marketsandmarkets, told Security Systems News in an email interview. The global market size in 2016 is projected to be $38.7...

home automation, Kumar Jayant, Marketsandmarkets, Rohit Waghadhare

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News and Notes

Hey Siri ...

March 30, 2016Paul Ragusa

The other night while activating my new phone, my son overheard me setting up the voice-recognition feature, dutifully repeating the set-up phrase, “Hey Siri,” which prompted sarcastic questions from him like, “Hey Dad, are you sure you know how to do that?” and “You want me to help you set that up?” And while his ribbing was good-natured, he got me thinking about how his post-Millennial generation is growing up in a world where automation and voice activation—in...

home automation, NPD Group, smart home, Voice Integration

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News and Notes

Advanced XANDEM taking orders

November 11, 2015Amy Canfield

XANDEM HOME in Salt Lake City is launching its new DIY home security and automation product that tracks the location of moving people. The product, which can be installed by homeowners in about 15 minutes, the company says, allows users to monitor where people are moving throughout their homes without using invasive cameras. Think of the safeguarding lasers of the “Mission Impossible” movies, because that's what it looks like. The product detects and locates movement through walls and...

home automation, XANDEN

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