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Corpus Christi Police stepping up alarm permit enforcement

Corpus Christi Police stepping up alarm permit enforcement

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas—A June 17 story from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports that the CCPD say they are stepping up enforcement for annual alarm permits, with alarm owners facing fines if found without one.

The department hopes to save resources, taxpayer money and man hours by making the ordinance a priority, officials say.

Soon, police might not respond to any alarm that does not have a valid permit, according to the ordinance, unless it's a duress alarm, a holdup alarm, a panic alarm or reported to 911 by a person other than an alarm company.

Homes and businesses must have alarms registered annually with the police department, receiving an alarm permit each year, according to the 2006 city ordinance.

If officers are called to an alarm and the owner doesn't have a permit, the owner could face up to a $500 fine.

Municipal authorities contend that people who are following the law are subsidizing free police response for those who aren't in compliance. It's a situation they want to end.

Permit applications require owner and alarm company contact information so officers have someone to call from the scene. The application also requires a $35 fee for homes, $60 for businesses.

False alarm fees are as follows: Free first three times police respond to a false alarm; $50 for the fourth and fifth times officers respond to a false alarm; $75 for the sixth and seventh times; $100 for the eighth and subsequent false alarm calls.


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