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DICE rebrands as the ‘The New DICE’

DICE rebrands as the ‘The New DICE’

DICE rebrands as the ‘The New DICE’

BAY CITY, Mich.—Branded as “The New DICE,” the DICE Corporation’s new rebranding initiative reflects the company’s vision for the future of monitoring services that is powered by the latest technology, products and services available today.

The New DICE is part of the company’s future roadmap kicking off a multi-million-dollar investment in IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, integrated audio and video and much more, according to DICE Corporation Co-President Avi Lupo.

“We believe that the world, in general, is moving into IoT devices, and it is all about the management of those devices,” Lupo told Security Systems News. “So we see a camera as an IoT device, an alarm sensor is an IoT device — there are millions of these devices — so the future is bringing all those triggers, all of that data, into a platform that will have the capability to process and analyze the data, and after filtering that data, recommend an action that needs to take place, or to even automatically do it for you.”

Lupo is excited at what DICE can do with all of that data, especially with the power of the cloud, AI and an analytic engine that will “do all of the difficult work and flag things, send notifications and alert the operator based on the level of importance,” he explained. “With the cloud, it is very customizable and scalable and goes way beyond just video verification of an alarm.”

He added that it even goes beyond basic security monitoring, as the new technologies that DICE has developed “will unlock the key for command centers and integrators to provide a whole new world of automated and smart services, which also means increased RMR and reduced operational time and resources.”

Lupo also pointed out that DICE has focused its efforts on creating a unified and open solution that is scalable and a good fit for Enterprise all the way to a small operation. “We have invested a lot of money on creating this complete solution and we believe it should be one true platform that can do all this and connect everything,” he said, noting that DICE has also invested in creating a solution that ties in all of the accounting aspects as well, specifically designed for security providers and managing RMR.

As part of the rebranding initiative, DICE has also developed several new event management platforms as well as products for integrated business operations, resiliency, telecom, video, and mobile, which offer the industry unified solutions to empower their businesses.  

For non-DICE customers, many of the solutions, including interactive video monitoring, disaster recovery, telecom, cybersecurity, and cloud hosting can interface with any central station software.

Showcasing the New DICE is a completely redesigned website featuring a clean design, enhanced content and improved functionally.


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