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DMP donates more than $112 million to non-profit organizations

DMP donates more than $112 million to non-profit organizations

SPRINGFIELD, Mo— Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), an independent manufacturer of innovative intrusion, fire, access control, network and cellular communication products, announced it has donated over $112 million and more than 10,000 hours of volunteer time to non-profit organizations since its Project100 initiative was launched in 2019.

Among the employees of DMP, generosity is important — so much so that it’s one of their company values. It has also been their motivating force behind Project100, launched in 2019 with the goal to give away $100 million in time and money to non-profit organizations by the end of 2025.

A big goal to be sure. But last month, DMP CEO and President Rick Britton announced that Project100 was not only achieved but surpassed, a full four years early!

In a tearful, heartfelt message during last month’s all-company meeting, Britton expressed his gratitude saying, “I want to thank all the employees of DMP for their dedication and hard work throughout this project. Every bit of the money that we are able to donate comes in some form from your labor. We can’t do it without everyone contributing; we appreciate every single minute of hard work and effort.”

As a part of the announcement and celebration, Britton surprised the group with a $5,000 bonus for each of the 364 employees. This goes on top of the 4 percent bonus earned as part of the DMP annual Bonus Program.

DMP Cares

As a company, DMP has supported several worthy causes and continues to create opportunities for employees and their families to contribute financially, although their personal, hands-on donations of time and talent are equally appreciated.

“This kind of giving provides the double benefit of serving others in need while serving as a reminder to be thankful for our many blessings,” said Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing.

Project100 was a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) as defined by Jim Collins, author of the best-selling business book Good to Great. It is an extension of the DMP Cares program, which has supported more than a dozen organizations, and the company’s Core Purpose which states: We manufacture security systems, to create jobs, that support families, because the security of families determines the strength of society, and a strong society reaches out to the rest of the world.

“The bottom line is, we want our people to be generous people,” Hillenburg added. “DMP Cares is more than just the name of a company program. It’s about individual commitment to a lifestyle of generosity.”

Project100 has provided funding to over 50 non-profit organizations around the world including: Mission 500, Convoy of Hope, The Seed Company, Care to Learn, I Pour Life, Safe to Sleep, Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, Victory Mission, Camp Barnabas, Good Samaritans Boys Ranch, OneSolePurpose, Habitat for Humanity, PowerPacks, Freeway Ministries, Champions Committed to Kids, Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks, The Victory Mission, Council of Churches of the Ozarks, Peace Partnership and many more.




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