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Drako on Cobalt AI: ‘An open platform is a winning strategy’

Drako on Cobalt AI: ‘An open platform is a winning strategy’

Drako on Cobalt AI: ‘An open platform is a winning strategy’

YARMOUTH, Maine — Dean Drako is a man with his thumb on the pulse of the security industry, and with his recent acquisition of Cobalt AI, he sees a diamond worth polishing. 

The president and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, IC Manage and Drako Motors, and now chairman of Cobalt AI, talked to Security Systems News (SSN) about this most recent addition to his portfolio, what drew him to the company and why he changed its name. 

SSN: In a press release you mentioned that you were searching for the company with the most powerful AI-based enterprise security automation in the physical security industry. Could you tell me specifically what about Cobalt’s technology drew you to the company? Is it their integration of services? Their full portfolio of products? 

Drako: You hit the nail on the head: It is the AI that Cobalt has developed in past few years that most attracted me to them.  

SSN: Security operation/command centers really do seem to be at the forefront of the industry right now. How do you see Cobalt distinguishing itself in that field in the next five to 10 years? 

Drako: Among the many advantages that Cobalt AI has in the enterprise security automation space, two stand out: Cobalt’s open platform and its human-verified AI capabilities. An open platform is a winning strategy that I firmly believe in, and Cobalt’s AI alarm-filtering technology is top notch. With its focus on AI and its open approach, Cobalt AI is positioned to stay at the forefront of innovation in the security industry, offering advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of enterprise customers. 

SSN: With your acquisition of the company, it’s becoming Cobalt AI. Can you tell me more about the name change? Is it designed to capitalize on the popularity of AI right now or is it hinting at a priority shift for the company over say, robotics, or is it simply because AI is part and parcel of any security category now? 

Drako: The name change from Cobalt Robotics to Cobalt AI reflects the company’s expanded focus and capabilities beyond robotics. Our plan is to continue to invest in Cobalt’s AI technology. We’ll be making significant investment in R&D to enhance Cobalt’s AI monitoring and command center technologies.  

SSN: Do you see your new role as the owner of Cobalt AI reducing your role at Eagle Eye? 

Drako: The acquisition of Cobalt AI will not change or reduce my role at Eagle Eye Networks. I will serve as chairman of Cobalt AI, but I will not be involved in day-to-day operations. Cobalt AI is an independent company with its own management team. 


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