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DTT expands deal with Lemonade

DTT expands deal with Lemonade

LOS ANGELES—DTT Surveillance is upgrading all Lemonade locations with new cameras and DVR systems. DTT has worked with Lemonade, Southern California's fast-casual chef-driven eateries, since May of 2011.

As Lemonade's exclusive vendor for managed services and digital surveillance solutions for all locations across Southern California, DTT provides a complete line of camera systems, various loss prevention services, and access to a unique enterprise management portal, MyDTT.

“We opened our first store seven years ago and quickly realized that we had aspirations to scale in the hyper-competitive fast-casual, healthy space.To do that, we needed to be able to have complete transparency into all facets of our operation.This is whereDTT emerged as the perfect partner,” Ian Olsen, COO for Lemonade, said in a prepared statement.

Lemonade operates 15 stores in Southern California and have several international locations. “The fact that we can log into our systems remotely and very quickly get a feel for what's going on anywhere at any time is priceless. With DTT we have visibility into queuing, service quality and customer interaction.We also use the cameras to monitor the production line,” he added.


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