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Dynamark offers dealers more RMR through video verification

Dynamark offers dealers more RMR through video verification Partnership with CheckVideo allows CCTV to be upgraded without replacing cameras

HAGERSTOWN, Md.—Dynamark Security Centers has announced a partnership with CheckVideo, giving dealers the opportunity for more RMR by upgrading customers' analog surveillance cameras with cloud-based video verification technology.

Dynamark, which monitors accounts at its CSAA Five Diamond central station here, is offering “one more layer of protection” for customers through CheckVideo's Gateways platform, said Guy Kline, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Dynamark.

“A dealer can go in and install a piece of hardware and basically upgrade an existing analog system so it becomes a live video-verified system,” he told Security Systems News. “It means a commercial account doesn't have to replace all of its cameras, and now the dealer can enjoy some RMR where otherwise he couldn't.”

By adding analytic capability, cameras in a CCTV system can distinguish people and cars from other sources of motion, according to Reston, Va.-based CheckVideo. When an alarm is triggered, a 10-second color video clip is sent directly to the central station via the cloud.

“You can set up each camera like an 'open and close' on a regular alarm system,” Kline said. “You can have cameras pick up motion at certain times of the day and ignore it at other times of the day. You can then send that video clip to anybody—the police or the owner of a store.”

Dynamark dealers also have access to other CheckVideo products through the partnership, for both commercial and residential applications. Because the products and monitoring are available through the same program, it makes tech support and sales support “virtually seamless, and that makes life easier and more profitable for our dealers,” Dynamark President and CEO Trey Alter said in a prepared statement.

Video verification will require more training for operators at Dynamark's central station, but there will be no need for new equipment there, Kline said.

“[The video] comes to us as an alarm signal through the CheckVideo server farms,” he said. “We don't need new servers, we don't have to worry about software upgrades. It's all done through the cloud.”

Tom Piston, vice president of sales and marketing for Dynamark, said concern about false alarms—both in the security industry and among law enforcement—is driving a move toward more video verification.

“It hasn't swept the market yet, but the growth curve is huge and we want to make sure we're positioned to help our dealers take advantage of it,” Piston told SSN. “I think this is really putting us at the forefront of maybe not an emerging technology, since its already out there, but an emerging sales opportunity.”


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