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End Users '20 under 40' 2015—Christopher C. Moore

End Users '20 under 40' 2015—Christopher C. Moore

Christopher C. Moore, 28

Manager, public safety, security and switchboard, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital

Plymouth, Mass.

Christopher Moore was working in law enforcement when he met the security manager at John Hancock who became a mentor.

“He sold me on the private security. I relocated to Western Mass. [to work as a security manager for a manufacturing company] and learned security and emergency management preparedness from the ground up,” he said.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, Moore said “I felt pulled to that subsector—hospital security.”

Hospitals are “like a city between four walls that have a major regional and community impact,” he said. He was inspired by the “patients, visitors, volunteers and employees that are there for care, providing care or visiting the hospital.”

Because he has deep roots in the Plymouth area “it was more than an inspiration, it's a personal duty [to ensure the hospital is protected],” he said.

If he could have any technology it would be “access control combined with a personal identification system to track and restrict movement � we will get there at some point,” he said. That kind of technology would “mitigate a variety of potential problems,” such as insider threats, drug theft, suicide attempts, injuries, terrorist attacks, drug diversions and elopements to name a few, he said.

There are a lot of goods within a hospital that need to be protected “drugs, food, rare vaccines � but we're a hospital not a prison, so we have to be creative with the measures we employ.”

What's Moore's biggest challenge? “Hands down it's visitor management.”

And in the next five years? “I believe we'll be having the same discussion,” he said. He likened effective security to mixing a perfect cocktail. “You need the right combination of ingredients but over time the taste buds change. What you need to do is continue to re-evaluate and adjust the ingredients over time.”


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