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ESX honors I-View Now integration

ESX honors I-View Now integration Larry Folsom discusses the integration, TechVision Challenge

HENDERSON, Nev.—I-View Now's recent integration with Honeywell Total Connect, recently announced as an ESX 2015 Innovation Award winner, will be the monitoring contender in the first TechVision Challenge at this year's show.

I-View Now's integration matches video from Total Connect cameras with signals from Honeywell's AlarmNet for verification. The AlarmNet integration is notable in itself, said Larry Folsom, company president. “I-View Now is the first and only non-central station AlarmNet receiver.”

The integration was among four other monitoring offerings to win an Innovation Award this year, but it was the only one selected to move on to the “Shark Tank”-style TechVision Challenge, during which a panel of industry professionals will judge the competitors' new products.

Folsom highlighted Total Connect cameras' lower costs as an important factor. “Being able to associate that camera system with the security system for video verification is an absolute game changer from a creation cost standpoint.”

Ease of use is another big factor, he said. “It's a clickable add-on. When you're in AlarmNet, you're going to be asked 'Do you want to have video verification with this account?' and you [can] click yes,” he said.

That's a prime example of what I-View Now does, Folsom said. “I-View Now's goal has been to bring all of these video products and connect them into the central station in a repeatable way. I think the Total Connect integration fits that mission very, very well.”

Folsom is prepared for the TechVision Challenge, he said, and including setting up his own similar “Shark Tank” panel, he said. “I'm going to be run through the ringer by my team and friends as we try to prepare. Our sharks are probably more comfortable giving me a hard time,” he said.


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