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From Forty Hours to Forty Seconds: WeSuite Helps SAGE Integration Automate Bid Submissions and Win More Projects

From Forty Hours to Forty Seconds: WeSuite Helps SAGE Integration Automate Bid Submissions and Win More Projects

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National security integration provider, SAGE Integration, has begun system deployment for a client’s 3 million square foot supermarket distribution center in Alabama, including facility-wide video surveillance and access control. It’s one of many recent huge wins for the Company, contributing to millions of sales each month, made possible with help from WeSuite quoting software.

John Nemerofsky, COO at SAGE, explains, “We responded to this opportunity through a very detailed spec issued by a New York-based security consultant with whom we do a lot of work. WeSuite worked with us to create an automated process that uses the quotes we build in their WeEstimate software to instantaneously populate the consultant’s bid leveling forms – a task that when done manually, used to take us 40 hours per job to complete. Now, with the click of a button, all the paperwork we need to submit is done in 40 seconds. It’s phenomenal.”

Efficiency is fundamental to SAGE’s astounding growth and success. Leveraging WeSuite to streamline bid submissions is just one example of the Company’s innovative business approach. Most security integrators make about $250,000 in revenue per employee. SAGE averages approximately three times that average – a level of profitability that’s off the charts. Its go-to-market strategy combines a superstar team of technicians around the country, a limited number of brick-and-mortar locations, and metrics-driven operations that deliver exceptional results.

Efficiencies begin with how every proposal is put together. WeSuite is tied to the Company's accounting database. "Pricing is updated every morning at 4:00 a.m.," Nemerofsky explains, "and in the current environment, with inflation and all the changes happening every day, it's never been more critical to have all the pricing available to our sales and engineering team in real-time. I don't know how we'd keep up if we were using a system like Excel or QuickBooks instead of WeSuite. We would constantly be misquoting opportunities and hurting our margins.”

SAGE’s recent distribution center win incorporates 56 card readers, 158 cameras, and 100 overhead doors. Even for a complex project like this, WeSuite’s software interface is surprisingly simple and intuitive, allowing new users to master SAGE's quoting system quickly. Nemerofsky says, "A lot of the sales systems I've worked with can take months or years to learn. When that's the case, new hires are going to be less efficient for quite a while as they get up to speed with the software. They'll be spending excessive time trying to get quotes out instead of calling on the next customer, developing the next opportunity. That's not a problem with WeSuite. There’s no steep learning curve, and that's a huge deal for us.”

SAGE management relies on a wide range of KPIs to recognize successes and identify areas to target for improvement. Forecast accuracy, project efficiency, and purchasing goals are evaluated with a level of granularity that Nemerofsky says "would be next to impossible" without WeSuite's sophisticated reporting tools and dashboards. "We'd need to hire bunches of people to accumulate and analyze all that data."

The Company has also bypassed hiring a dedicated system programmer to customize and manage the WeSuite solution, a staff position standard at businesses utilizing larger, generic sales management platforms. "WeSuite is a hosted solution, and we haven't found the need to hire an additional resource – a non-billable person to help us customize the software. We ask WeSuite for help when we want to make changes, and they take care of it for us, thereby saving us a six-figure programmer's salary. Their team comes from the security industry and understands our business, making for smooth and efficient delivery.”

“When you look at our metrics at every level, you quickly see that our company is quite different than most. We do things differently, think outside the box, and there’s a real wow factor in our results,“ says Nemerofsky. “WeSuite helps make that happen.”


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