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Group337 launches security industry community app

Group337 launches security industry community app

Group337 launches security industry community app

BETHESDA, Md.—Group337, a team of experts focused on activating the companies, brands, and people in the security industry through insights, intuition, and ideas, announced the launch of The Inside Community, a free and paid app (iOS and Android) and website dedicated to the security industry.

According to Group337, The Inside Community is “the next evolution of how we connect as an industry.” It is an inclusive space for security professionals to connect, share ideas, learn, and grow. Within this positive and trusted network, members could have impactful conversations that add real value, free of distractions.

Within The Inside Community, members - known as “Insiders” - will have the opportunity to have more focused conversations, meet more relevant people, build deeper connections, and get to the results they are seeking quicker. Insiders have the ability to meet and network through group or 1:1 interactions, access exclusive content and events, take and/or lead courses and trainings, become part of the Talent Connection Service, and receive additional benefits at industry events such as ISC West and GSX.

“When I look back at my 20-plus-year career, a common thread is about bringing people together: community building. That’s what we at Group337 are doing with The Inside Community,” said Lee Odess, Founder and CEO of Group337. “As an industry we are ready for something like this. We’ve seen the power of digital communities through the pandemic, and those who are engaged in them enjoy the experience and see the value. But we’ve found many of these platforms are not made for deep industry-specific community building. Our goal is to make The Inside Community THE place where the industry comes together. We are well on our way to that goal.”

There are several ways to engage with The Inside Community. To become an Insider or learn more about the Freemium, Insider, and Creator models, please visit




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