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Healthcare workers' info exposed in B.C. health data breach

Healthcare workers' info exposed in B.C. health data breach

Healthcare workers info exposed in B.C. Health data breach

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada – On July 13, the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) learned that a server housing information, websites, and application forms for Health Match BC (HMBC) had been the target of a cyber-attack.

Information released about the data breach suggests that information associated with as many as 240,000 emails had been accessed. That information could include a person’s home addresses, passport and license details, and other personal data. Michael McMillan, President & CEO of the HEABC promised action working to provide credit monitoring and other services for the affected while promising to protect against future cyber incursions.

“HEABC works hard to protect the privacy of everyone who accesses our online services, and it is important to let people know their personal information may have been taken through a cyber-attack,” McMillan said in a statement. “We recognize this event may create questions and concern for individuals. I sincerely regret that this event happened and reassure everyone that we are working with cybersecurity and privacy experts to address the incident, safeguard against any future vulnerabilities, and notify and support individuals whose personal information may have been involved.”

Culprits had yet to be identified as being responsible for the hack and its currently unknown what information may have been stolen. Parties who have been affected by the data breach and have received notification from the HEABC are eligible for up to two years of services from credit monitoring and identity protection firm Equifax.

Those looking for more information have been directed to visit the following websites: Health Match BC, Locums for Rural BC-, and BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry-


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