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Monitoring Matters

The Verkada Breach: A cautionary tale

March 10, 2021Cory Harris, Editor

If you have been following my and SSN Editor Paul Ragusa's blogs, you know how much we have been stressing hypervigilance on the cybersecurity front, because there is just so much to lose. The news from Bloomberg this week that Verkada was the victim of a breach by hackers who were able to access live and archived footage from 150,000 security cameras inside Verkada customers' facilities, as well as its own offices, is just another example of why any company, regardless of size, can fall...

Cybersecurity, data breach, Verkada

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Monitoring Matters

Fighting another “pandemic”

December 16, 2020Cory Harris, Editor

As we look ahead to 2021, security companies continue to take care of customers dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, while also battling a cyber pandemic that saw a record surge in data leaks in 2020. According to a report recently released by Atlas VPN, analysis based on Risk Based Security data reveals that exposed data hit a record 36.1 billion in the first three quarters of 2020. This record number of data leaks is more than two times higher than all of 2019 and makes up more than...

Cybersecurity, data breach

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Monitoring Matters

Cyber breach fatigue breeds complacency

April 8, 2020Ginger Hill

One thing I've noticed throughout this whole COVID-19 pandemic is the increase in cybersecurity hardening tips, tricks and solutions promoted on social media, adding to the already seemingly constant mentioning and discussion of data breaches taking place all over the globe. The more people see or hear of something, the less likely they are to take notice and actually do something. Take the car alarm as an example. When this technology first became popular, very few people had heard the sound...

breach fatigue, cyber breach fatigue, data breach, WiCyS, Women in Cybersecurity

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On The Editor's Desk

The state of ransomware ...

January 8, 2020Paul Ragusa

The recent cyberattack on the city of New Orleans is another sobering example of how vulnerable we are as a nation to cyber criminals. Even for cities like New Orleans, which was prepared for such an attack, there is an incredible amount of time and effort and cost that goes into getting a city back up on its feet after such an incident. Following the New Orleans attack, a report on the State of Ransomware in the U.S., created by cybersecurity research firm Emsisoft, was rushed to be released ahead...

Cybersecurity, data breach, Emsisoft, Fabian Wosar, Ransomware

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Also Noted

DIY camera maker Wyze suffers data breach, 2.4 million affected

January 2, 2020SSN Staff

SEATTLE—DIY smart home camera maker Wyze reported last week that 2.4 million customers' data was exposed as part of a data breach that happened between December 4th - December 26th. Unlike the Amazon Ring data breach, which Amazon said was done through a third party, Wyze noted that the breach happened because of an employee error. Although the information did not contain passwords, personal financial data, or video content, it did contain Wyze nicknames, user emails, profile photos, WiFi router...

Amazon Ring, data breach, Wyze

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