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How I Use My System: Bob Boland

How I Use My System: Bob Boland

Bob Boland, customer service and operations manager for Custom Alarm, has been with the Rochester, Minn.-based business for five years. He takes care of the company's central station operation, which means there's “never a dull moment,” according to Boland. Security Systems News got the chance to talk with Boland in early August about the system he has at home.

What kind of system do you have?

I have a Honeywell Vista 21ip, and I have a touch screen keypad—the typical door [and] window contacts, smoke detectors, a CO detector. Then I do have two cameras as well at my house. They're indoor cameras but I have one facing out a window, which worked perfect because it's right at our door.

Why this particular setup?

I wanted to be able to arm it differently so I had to go to the Vista 21 IP, versus just a complete wireless system. I would just rather have a wired system. Although I do have wireless devices attached to it, I also have hardwired [devices] as well. It just offered me more flexibility.

What is one aspect of your security system that you wouldn't want to live without?

I would say smoke detectors for the most part. My wife would say that I'm a heavy sleeper. So it's nice that if the smoke alarm does go off, that there's someone either calling me or calling the authorities to alert them that there's something going on at my house. But I also love my cameras.

Where do you see security going next? What are some big trends?

The thing that seems to be [big] is growing with your home, like smart thermostats, and smart lights, and smart locks, and all that Z-Wave technology. I think they still need to come a ways with the Z-Wave technology, but it sure is getting people involved with having a smart home. So, it's not just the security system that people are looking for now they want to be able to do everything from a handheld device, whether it's their tablet or whether it's a mobile phone. That's the way of the future I see.

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