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Industrial Defender launches 7.5 platform

Industrial Defender launches 7.5 platform

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity solution provider Industrial Defender has announced the launch of its latest iteration of the platform for Operational Technology (OT) asset management.

Industrial Defender 7.5 offers several new capabilities to enhance industrial control systems’ protection against cyber threats and compliance with industry standards the company said. It secures industrial systems by delivering comprehensive data, deep-level information about critical assets, policy compliance, and vulnerability management.

"We are excited to launch the Industrial Defender 7.5 platform, which represents our continued dedication to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and accurate OT asset management solution," Industrial Defender CEO Jay Williams said. "With this new version, we aim to support our customers in achieving their security and compliance goals, deepening their understanding of their OT environments with a single source of all operational asset information. Continued enhancements in this latest release serve to protect our customers' reputations and competitive edge as the cyber-physical landscape continues to evolve."

Enhancements include: enhanced vulnerability management features, real-time detection and baselining of new network connections, collecting data from hard-to-reach assets, a new local user interface option, and usability enhancements.

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