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ISC West teaser: Peter Giacalone on leveraging AI through presence detection

ISC West teaser: Peter Giacalone on leveraging AI through presence detection

ISC West teaser: Peter Giacalone on leveraging AI through presence detection

LAS VEGAS—Presence detection, buoyed by the artificial intelligence (AI) associated with various technologies, has progressed significantly in the past few years, says ISC West speaker Peter Giacalone.

Here’s a teaser for his panel, “Leveraging AI Through Presence Detection for Greater Security & Priority Responses.”

Different value

ISC WestWhile various presence detection platforms may be similar in the features and benefits that they provide, there are significant differences in how these technologies are deployed in the markets they serve, Giacalone says.

“Presence detection is going to be a real disruptor in a good way to the industry,” he said. Sometimes when you see disruptive technologies, it puts people out of business. I don't think that way. I think there's more collaboration here than anything else, and there's a variety of presence detection models out there that don't do it the same, but they bring different value.”

He continued, “The two big ones you have are Wi-Fi sensing and you have device recognition, and they both bring different values and sometimes they actually could collaborate themselves even though they kind of compete.”

Leveraging AI

Giacalone talked about the role that AI plays in presence detection.

“That’s very important because the actual technology that all these companies are using to actually detect presence, whether it's through Wi-Fi sensing or device recognition, that's not the sexy part; that technology has been out for a while,” he said. “It's the AI that's making the difference. That's why we're saying leveraging AI because whatever you have in your home for Wi-Fi and internet, you probably have some type of an app that tells you who's on your system, who's trying to get on your system.

He continued, “Everybody has Wi-Fi sensing because it's there, but getting that data, collecting that data, and putting it in a useful sense to make it real information is worth where the AI is.”

Understanding presence detection

Giacalone wants attendees to gain an understanding of presence detection to make the right choices for their customers. 

“There are so many elements to presence detection that they really need to understand, not only how it can enhance their business, but most importantly also enhance their customers’ experience and how it really will help to increase the security and monitoring - both professionally and personally – of different intrusion lifestyle and safety systems out there,” he said. “They’re going to be hearing a lot about it from different angles, and they just need to understand how they make their choices.

The details:

Date: Tuesday, April 9, from 11:15-12:15 p.m. in Venetian 303 at the Venetian Expo.

Panel: Peter Giacalone, president, Giacalone Associates; Morgan Hertel, VP of technology and innovation, Rapid Response Monitoring; Keith Puckett, CEO and co-founder, Ubiety Technologies; and Tony Nicolaidis, chief commercial officer, Origin AI


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