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JValley Software acquires LENSEC

JValley Software acquires LENSEC New ownership provides growth potential for VMS manufacturer

HOUSTON—LENSEC, the manufacturer of Perspective VMS based here, has been acquired by JValley Software Solutions, a global software company based in Jordan. The two companies, which have a long history of working together, will remain as separate entities, with LENSEC benefitting greatly from the merger, LENSEC CEO Marianna Leybovich told Security Systems News.

“JValley is an absolute ideal potential partner for us because we have been working on software development with JValley for more than eight years,” said Leybovich. “I really couldn't think of a better partner for us, so it was very exciting when the deal came through.”

She pointed out that LENSEC contracted JValley Software Solutions in 2008 to provide ongoing development resources, and the result is better video management software with powerful features. Perspective VMS is marketed internationally by LENSEC with JValley serving as a key distributor, she said.

“JValley has always loved what we have done and although we will be functioning independently, JValley is really embracing and supporting future growth of LENSEC,” said Leybovich. “We will certainly leverage the kind of benefits that come from this type of ownership-level relationship that we now have. We have always had a good partnership but this deal takes it to another level and will allow us to do more things together as we follow the market.”

LENSEC, established in 1998, has specialized in IP security video since the early days of video management software, and has strong expertise working with commercial properties, government agencies, healthcare, K-12 schools, higher education, airports, oil & gas, critical infrastructure, shipping ports and more.

Perspective VMS is intuitive and flexible video management software that supports multi-site monitoring of live or recorded video. The browser-based software gives the user flexibility to view essential information on any computer workstation. Perspective VMS is currently deployed in physical security projects in the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and India.

“We want to see the LENSEC Perspective VMS product, our software, be the best security video management platform and be the best video-centric security company in the coming years in the U.S. and globally,” said Leybovich. “We have really high ambition and this acquisition will allow us to have force behind it.”


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