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Lacework releases new CSPM capabilities

Lacework releases new CSPM capabilities

YARMOUTH, Maine – Today cloud security company Lacework has released new cloud security posture management (CSPM) capabilities to help organizations manage their platform more effectively.

Managing security posture and compliance at scale can be a daunting task Lacework says, but thanks to their new CSPM capabilities users will be able to achieve operational excellence much easier from one flexible platform. The enhanced feature set is available for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. It allows organizations to build custom cross-account reports to measure hygiene, create fine-grained custom policies to ensure configurations align with your specific needs, and achieve operational excellence with the latest CIS benchmarks, industry standards, and hundreds of other additional controls written by the Lacework Labs team.

So how does it work? “We support custom policy creation for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure resources using Lacework query language (LQL), allowing you to validate the compliance of cloud resources against your own internal checks,” writes Product Marketing Manager for Lacework, Ginnie Goodman. “Say, for example, you want to create a policy for when a storage bucket or database is publicly accessible. First, define the conditions and allowed behavior. Using LQL, you can query, set status alerts for specific cloud configurations, and receive an alert — on a per resource basis — each time a resource fails against a particular policy. The alert will indicate which discrete cloud resource is non-compliant with a specific custom policy. You could choose to be notified when a configuration scan detects a user-defined resource configuration policy violation that could undermine or diminish your risk posture. You could also choose to receive an aggregate alert when there is more than one resource affected by this violation. Finally, you can choose your alert channels. Any changes in compliance status of custom policies can be quickly escalated with alert integration into Slack, Jira, ServiceNow, etc.”

You can read more about Laceworks CSPM features on their blog, or learn more about their platform by using their interactive demo.


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