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Lanvac now monitors Bosch systems

Lanvac now monitors Bosch systems

MONTREAL—Lanvac, a Montreal-based company offering third-party wholesale contract monitoring, now monitors Bosch intrusion detection systems, Bosch announced Jan. 8. Bosch has recently expanded its intrusion services in Canada, and is now offering control panels and communication transport solutions, according to the statement.

Lanvac has installed a CONETTIX D6100IPV6 communications receiver/gateway that supports as many as 3,200 accounts of LAN or WAN communications, and allows Lanvac to receive communications from Bosch control panels, according to the news release.

“We believe if you can send a signal, Lanvac should be able to receive it, which is why we've added the Bosch receiver,” said Bill Georgoudes, Lanvac's co-president and COO, in a prepared statement. “Bosch control panels offer some unique features that dealers in Canada want to sell, and we're now able to extend our monitoring services to support these systems.”

Each of Lanvac's six interconnected monitoring stations offers continuous local monitoring, and is backed by the other stations in Lanvac's network, according to the statement.


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