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LogicMark says mPERS not just for seniors

LogicMark says mPERS not just for seniors To be unveiled at ISC West, the mobile unit, SentryPal, is envisioned as product for teens and college students

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—PERS provider LogicMark, based here, is making a foray into the mobile PERS market with the launch of SentryPal, set to be rolled out at ISC West.

Troy Bruce, director of sales at LogicMark, believes the product can broaden the demographic potential for PERS, opening up new segments of the market where traditional PERS units aren't typically channeled.

“Truly this has got a much, much larger market then just the senior market,” Bruce said.

Bruce envisions the units not only being useful for college and high school students, but also teachers who may need to signal duress, or even professionals who work alone and in unfamiliar places, like real estate agents.

Kevin O'Connor, president of LogicMark, agrees that mPERS has the potential to bring new customers into the fold.

“The general industry view has been that with mobile PERS you potentially get a younger customer, and maybe not somebody in their late seventies or eighties,” O'Connor told Security Systems News. “It might be someone who's more active and out and about, and that's really the goal.”

LogicMark's mPERS strategy involves developing an effective marketing program that manages the expectations of dealers and end users alike. While mPERS units are becoming increasingly sophisticated, there are limits to what they can do from a tracking standpoint, O'Connor noted.

Dealers, he added, need to be aware of those limitations and convey that information effectively to customers.

“GPS is a science, just not an exact science,” O'Connor said. “So if somebody is wanting to know if they can pinpoint exactly where a family member is with that device, they may or may not be able to do that, especially if they happen to be indoors.”

LogicMark will also unveil an in-home PERS solution, called the Caretaker Sentry, at ISC West, O'Connor noted.

Troy Bruce, director of sales at LogicMark, pointed out that the sophisticated functionality of the SentryPal is one reason it could attract a broader market. The unit features an SOS signal and a “bread crumbing” capability that allows subscribers to see where a unit is and where it has been. It also sends notifications indicating if the battery is low or the unit has been turned off, Bruce explained.

Some other intelligent functions include a sensor that determines when the unit has exceeded a certain speed limit and a function that allows the device to interact with geo-fencing parameters, which can let end users know when someone has left or entered a pre-established area.


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