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LPR helps Georgia police solve homicide

LPR helps Georgia police solve homicide

LIVERMORE, Calif.—Police in Cobb County, Georgia say a license plate reader from Vigilant Solutions helped them solve a homicide, Vigilant announced Oct. 1.

Police ran the license plate of a missing person's car through the Vigilant LPR database, which turned up an out-of-town sighting, said Cobb County Police Department Sgt. Larry Szeniawski. Police then turned to security camera footage and saw acquaintances of the missing person, Szeniawski said. One of the two later confessed to murder, according to the release.

“This was a major breakthrough in the case that would not have been possible without the historical LPR data—the historical LPR detection told us exactly where to find the needle in a very large haystack,” he said.

Shawn Smith, founder and president of Vigilant Solutions, said police deserve credit for apprehending the two suspects.


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