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Net neutrality a net loss for industry?

Net neutrality a net loss for industry? John Cerasuolo, president and CEO of ADS Security, discusses net neutrality in the security industry

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard the debate over net neutrality. For all the talk there is very little understanding of how dangerous this obscure sounding policy would be to our economy.

While our lobbyists seem to be focusing their efforts on adding language they view as favorable to our industry, our efforts instead should be to stop this regulation in its tracks.� While many will misleadingly try to convince you this is an effort to promote an “open Web,” that is far from the truth.

Net neutrality is a pleasant-sounding name for the latest power grab by our ever-expanding federal government. In this case it is the Federal Communications Commission, with no authorization from Congress, that is attempting to assert jurisdiction over the Internet. Do we really want the FCC regulating the very industry that has been the font of innovation and progress in our economy for the past two decades?

Imagine how the Internet might have progressed if the FCC was put in charge back in the '90s. Likely we would still be dealing with 56k modems and only dreaming about the ever-expanding services we enjoy today.

If you are concerned about the growth of our federal government and complain about the tentacles of the army of bureaucrats you must contend with to run a successful business, you must ask yourself if you really want the FCC to become the regulator of our free and open Internet.

Think about it, do you really think the FCC will do a better job of regulating our way to an open Web. Or do you have more confidence in the power of a free market?

Don't be confused by all the fancy language, this is a power grab plain and simple—all in the name of the government solving a problem that doesn't exist.

If you like the way Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service work and want the same guys running the Internet, then by all means jump on the net neutrality bandwagon.

If instead you want capitalists, innovators and business executives to control the Internet, you should let your congressional representative know that it is time to reassert their authority and smack down the FCC.


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