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General News

Net neutrality a net loss for industry?

April 21, 2015Guest Blogger

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard the debate over net neutrality. For all the talk there is very little understanding of how dangerous this obscure sounding policy would be to our economy.While our lobbyists seem to be focusing their efforts on adding language they view as favorable to our industry, our efforts instead should be to stop this regulation in its tracks.� While many will misleadingly try to convince you this is an effort to promote an “open Web,”...

ADS Security, FCC, John Cerasuolo, net neutrality

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General News

Net neutrality ruling looks good so far, AICC says

March 11, 2015Amy Canfield

WASHINGTON—The recent FCC ruling on net neutrality appears to give security professionals a “level playing field,” but it remains to be seen if it will fully satisfy the industry, according to Lou Fiore, chairman of AICC.“For the services we use on the open Internet, it's good news that our traffic will be unblocked and unthrottled; it won't be slowed down. It's mainly for video that we need the higher speeds,” Fiore told Security Systems News.“The threat was the...

AICC, FCC, Lou Fiore, net neutrality

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Monitoring Matters

AICC takes on net neutrality, dropped signals

February 18, 2015Spencer Ives

CSAA recently posted on its site about the matter of net neutrality, as well as sending out a message from Alarm Industry Communications Committee chair Lou Fiore concerning the topic. Capitol Hill has�various items up for consideration on net neutrality, according to Fiore. “Our goal at this point is simply to let Congress know we are here again and what our needs are as primarily small businesses. At some point legislation will move forward, probably as a rewrite of the Telecommunications...

AICC, Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), Lou Fiore, net neutrality

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General News

'Net neutrality' necessary for alarm signals

September 10, 2014Leif Kothe

WASHINGTON—Concerned about fair, reliable and accurate transmission of alarm data, the ESA and the Alarm Industry Communications Committee are urging the FCC to support net neutrality.“To ensure the continued effectiveness of the alarm systems protecting millions of Americans, alarm data must be transmitted accurately and promptly from the end user premise to the central station along the entire communications path,” Lou Fiore, AICC chairman, wrote in a letter to the FCC.Net neutrality...

AICC, ISPs, John Chwat, Lou Fiore, net neutrality, Physical Security

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