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Neurotechnology announces SentiVeillance Cluster

Neurotechnology announces SentiVeillance Cluster

VILNIUS, Lithuania – Biometrics identification company Neurotechnology has announced the release of the SentiVeillance Cluster, a real-time face identification, and vehicle/license plate tracking solution.

The company says it was designed for expansive surveillance systems that supports continuous video streams from multiple servers. Operators are given sorted live data to enable fast decision making for a number of use cases including law enforcement, security, and smart city monitoring.

"We are thrilled to present SentiVeillance Cluster as it will open up a new range of opportunities for our clients," said Vytautas Pranckėnas, SentiVeillance product lead at Neurotechnology. "Equipped with scalable architecture and award-winning biometric algorithms, this solution offers flexible applications and reliable results. We see immense potential for this technology to be used in various applications – from small surveillance setups to entire smart city monitoring systems."

Analyzing multiple video streams and combining multiple servers into a cluster network, SentiVeillance has a number of features including: Biometric person identification and tracking, Pedestrian and vehicle tracking and classification, Integration with video management system Milestone VMS, real-time custom watchlist check with automatic event triggering and logging, multiple video streams that can be analyzed on a cluster of machines, and multiple GPU support.

More information on the product is available at


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