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John Acosta, The Clarient Group

General News

Specifically Speaking with John Acosta

September 16, 2020Paul Ragusa

What is your role at the company? I am the Lead Security Consultant for The Clarient Group (TCG). I design and specify all the security systems required in a project, and work with my teammates to integrate the security systems with other building systems, to the greatest extent possible. What kinds of systems do you design/specify and what services does the company provide? I have been very fortunate to be in positions to design the full gamut of security systems both physical and...

biometrics, Cybersecurity, facial recognition, physical security, Security Consultants, Specifically Speaking

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General News

Biometrics in the COVID-19 Era

July 17, 2020Mohammed Murad

Access control is undergoing significant changes in the COVID-19 era. It’s no longer enough for public and private organizations to provide access to buildings, critical infrastructure and more based solely on the possession of a plastic access control card.With infections rising in many states, employers want – and need – to know who has contracted and recovered from the virus. This group of immune employees, vendors and customers may return to work without social distancing. The...

biometrics, Coronavirus, COVID, COVID-19, facial biometrics, fingerprint biometric, fingerprint readers, Iris ID Systems, iris recognition, iris scanners

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General News

Touchless airports a reality

July 15, 2020

YARMOUTH, Maine—It’s no secret that COVID-19 essentially halted air travel: the sky quiet from grounded planes; airport terminals eerily silent and empty; travel industry furloughs and job loss. From Jan. to present date, 7.5 million flights have been cancelled; demand for air travel has decreased 54 percent and total losses for the air travel industry estimated for this year are predicted at $84.3 billion, according to the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). While this is...

airport security, biometrics, Coronavirus, COVID, COVID-19, Cybersecurity, facial biometrics

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Monitoring Matters

Passwords … mind over matter

July 8, 2020Ginger Hill

I’m always fascinated when I see articles stating that the top passwords of the year were “password” “1234” or “qwerty” or even “abc” in conjunction with the millions of articles about data breaches that offer easy-to-do actions for people to take to protect their personal data, either personal or work. Why are the exact same, weak passwords being used over and over when people know and understand that data can and most likely will be hacked?...

biometrics, cyber security, Cybersecurity, facial biometrics, fingerprint biometric, phishing, secure passwords

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General News

SIA opposes act to ban biometric, image analytic technologies

July 6, 2020SSN Staff

SILVER SPRING, Md.—The Security Industry Association (SIA) has announced its strong opposition to the recently introduced bicameral Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act that would impose a blanket ban on most federal use of nearly all biometric and related image analytics technologies. The legislation incorrectly labels all such technologies as surveillance regardless of application and forces essentially all state and local governments to do the same. This threatens...

analytics, biometrics, Don Erickson, Security Industry Association

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Also Noted

Alcatraz and Boon Edam partner

May 8, 2020SSN Staff

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.— Alcatraz, developer of secure frictionless access control products, and Boon Edam a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, have announced an integration that delivers touchless access control with facial recognition for mantrap portal circlelock units, and similar entrance solutions used in a variety of industries. “The Boon Edam and Alcatraz technology partnership is huge,” said Boon Edam Vice President of Technology and Product Support...

Alcatraz, biometrics, Boon Edam, facial recognition, frictionless access, Kurt Measom, Vince Gaydarzhiev

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General News

Despite privacy concerns, readers bullish on biometrics

August 23, 2019Paul Ragusa

YARMOUTH, Maine—With the debate on biometrics and data privacy heating up, and more and more states seeking to regulate the collection, use and retention of biometric data, this month's News Poll focuses on the future of biometrics and its role in security.Interestingly, despite privacy concerns, readers are bullish on biometrics. While a whopping 94 percent of respondents feel there should be biometric laws in place, an overwhelming number, 76 percent, think facial recognition will continue...

biometrics, facial recognition, Identity, News Poll, privacy

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Monitoring Matters

Is banning biometrics the answer to safety and security in public housing?

August 7, 2019Ginger Hill

Some people are calling it “social control,” some believe it's exploiting the poor; others are saying it will “criminalize and marginalize” residents, while Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley mentions “rampant biases” especially with “women and people of color.” Sounds like “it” should be banned, right? Well, what if I told you I am talking about facial recognition biometric technology? Would that influence your decision to ban or not to...

biometrics, Department of Housing and Urban Development, facial recognition, HUD, No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act

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General News

Global biometrics market to grow at nearly 17 percent CAGR

March 1, 2017Spencer Ives

PUNE, India—Research firm MarketsandMarkets expects the global biometrics market to reach almost $33 billion by 2022, with North America being a large portion of the market.“North America will continue to be the largest region for [the] biometric system market in 2022,” Sachin Garg, MarketsandMarkets' associate director - electronics & semiconductor, told Security Systems News in an email interview.“The regulatory-driven activities and initiatives taken by the governments...

Anand Shanker, biometrics, Marketsandmarkets, Sachin Garg, Vaibhav Chaudhari

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On The Editor's Desk

Big year ahead for biometrics

February 1, 2017Paul Ragusa

LOUISVILLE, Colo.—Biometrics are coming of age, and 2017 has the potential to be a big year for the continued adoption of biometric technologies, according to Acuity Market Intelligence, which released its "Ten Top Trends for Biometrics and Digital Identity" for 2017 this week. "Biometrics and digital identity are often perceived as threats to privacy and security," Maxine Most, Principal of Acuity Market intelligence said in the announcement.. "However, taken together these technologies have...

Acuity Market Intelligence, biometrics, blaine frederick, Cloud, Cloud+, EyeLock, Iris, Jeff Kohler, TechSec

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