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New Fire-Lite MNS system app aids in sales, training

New Fire-Lite MNS system app aids in sales, training

NORTHFORD, Conn.—Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell has introduced a new iPad app and video, designed to demonstrate the numerous mass notification capabilities and layout configurations of its new Emergency Command Center (ECC) mass notification system, the company said in a news release. Both the app and video can serve as sales tools for installers, as well as an invaluable training kit for end users, the company said. The Fire-Lite ECC App can be downloaded free-of-charge to iPad devices through the Apple iTunes Store. The ECC video is available on both and

The ECC mass notification system integrates with virtually any brand of fire alarm system to provide an affordable solution for communicating critical messages, general announcements, and even background music, throughout a standalone building, according to the news release. Given the ECC's high degree of scalability, the Fire-Lite App begins with an overview of all ECC system components and their features to provide installers a quick parts guide and familiarize end users with the pieces of their own ECC system. The overview section also supplies the wire types and power requirements necessary for ECC components, such as primary operator consoles, remote microphones, local operator consoles (LOC), amplifiers and notification devices.

An interactive user panel offers an identical, working model of the ECC primary operator console's interface. This section of the app provides step-by-step instructions for using an ECC operator console, along with a demonstration of how the console would function in the event of a fire. ECC end users can utilize this virtual interface to become familiar with the system and practice sending out certain emergency alerts to particular “zones” or locations. At the same time, installers can utilize this section to illustrate the ECC's simplistic operation to potential customers.

Functioning like a virtual erector set, the app's remote display console components section allows users to construct an ECC system, placing and moving around various parts on a static building floor plan. This section's drag and drop feature illustrates the ECC mass notification system's modularity, allowing users to place remote paging units, fire fighter telephones and other control panels in the most effective, accessible building locations.

With integrators and engineers in mind, a fourth section of the ECC app allows users drag and drop ECC system components onto a wall, where total speaker outputs and power/amp requirements are tracked.


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