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News Poll: Cloud is security's future

News Poll: Cloud is security's future Opinions vary on whether cloud is good for the industry

YARMOUTH, Maine—Cloud offerings are proliferating in the security industry. Recently, Dice and IBS launched cloud-hosted monitoring and 3xLOGIC acquired cloud-based access control provider Infinias. In the latest News Poll, Security Systems News asked readers whether cloud is here to stay. Just over half of respondents—52 percent—said yes.

“Cloud is clearly inevitable and the integrators that are experimenting with it now will be the victors,” said one respondent.

It may be where the industry is headed, but 27 percent of respondents said that the cloud has no place in physical security. Bruce Cree, owner of B.C. Electronics, said, “It will happen, but it's not secure. It's convenient.”

Forty-eight percent of respondents said that cloud services are being widely offered in security, whereas one-quarter said there are some cloud offerings, but not a large variety.

The cloud could have applications in automation as well as security, according to Brad Zellers, president of BSN security. “Cloud infrastructure is leading the way not only with security but home and business integration [and] automation.”

Some believe that cloud's potential lies in monitoring. “Cloud managed monitoring services hold great promise near-term. Cloud video storage as a redundant path is also useful when you have to be sure you don't lose video.”

Thirty percent said it's too soon to determine cloud's importance.

“This is not the year that cloud will move into the spotlight,” said one respondent. “We are a conservative industry in terms of adoption of new technologies, and this is a good thing.”

Cloud capabilities really appeal to customers, some said. “Most clients, after you explain the process, like the idea of not having to keep up with the database and the hardware to process their database,” one respondent said. ”

“It's more secure and gives the end users ease of access and control of their own systems,” Zellers said.

Forty-one percent said increased RMR for integrators and cost savings for end users are the cloud's best uses in physical security. Reduced infrastructure, more security and ease of installation are the biggest benefits, 37 percent said. Twenty-two percent said it's just good for marketingpurposes.


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