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Nortek Security and Control reaches shipment milestones

Nortek Security and Control reaches shipment milestones Company has shipped more than 20 million IoT sensors, four million connected systems

CARLSBAD, Calif.—Nortek Security and Control on June 28 announced that it has shipped more than 20 million IoT-based security and smart home sensors, as well as four million connected systems.

“It's a validation of the success that Nortek Security and Control has had overall in the marketplace. It also is a pretty strong statement [that] a lot of people put their trust in our products,” Robert Beliles, senior vice president of marketing and product management for Nortek Security & Control, told Security Systems News.

Connected sensors have a couple of different applications and additional value. “These security sensors can be used for more than just simply securing the residence they can actually be used as triggers in this bigger-picture IoT world where you're tying that technology—or those capabilities—in with other devices and then deriving new value from it,” Beliles said.

Residential security and home automation accounts for much of the four million connected systems shipped, Beliles said, but also includes commercial access control and security systems and personal health systems.

The most popular sensors are door and window sensors, Beliles noted, but there is increasing popularity with cameras in the home. “As we have moved forward, and people are more comfortable, and the price point for video surveillance cameras has come down pretty dramatically, we've seen a pretty significant rise in video surveillance cameras being also part of the security system,” he said.

Beliles continued, “Certainly, we've been selling more of those over the last several years as well—particularly for those cameras that are for outdoor use. Some folks certainly will use them for indoor purposes—maybe they want to see when their kids are coming home from school or what's going on with their pets—but I would also acknowledge that there are some folks out there that are still not comfortable with the idea of having video cameras inside their home.”

Nortek Security and Control's presence is larger than some people may realize, Beliles noted; in addition to the company's four key brands—2GIG, Linear, Numera and GoControl—it also white labels products for Nortek dealers.

The next milestone for the company is 25 million IoT sensor shipments, according to Beliles, which the company might reach in the next 12 to 18 months.


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