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NowSecure launches major platform update featuring security automation features

NowSecure launches major platform update featuring security automation features

CHICAGO – Mobile app security and privacy software company NowSecure announced the launch of their latest update for the NowSecure Platform.

This newest update brings with it a host of features including automation capability for users’ productivity and auditability in the Policy Engine and Guided Testing features. Policy Engine is a mobile application security testing solution that can seamlessly, “Deploy, automate, and enforce customized security policies and controls against industry established standards,” NowSecure writes.

The Guided Testing feature provides a new, advanced mobile app security assessment with a hybrid approach. Guided Testing pairs automated testing with analyst guidance to provide a more cost-effective alternative to manual testing.

All these automated features are designed to give end users a more agile response to a swiftly evolving mobile app security scene.  “Organizations need to release faster, reduce costs and improve security; and the only way to do all three is through automation,” NowSecure CEO Alan Snyder said. “The status quo of static source code analysis from traditional web testing tools and manual periodic penetration testing is too expensive, wastes developer time and does not improve security. Today’s NowSecure Platform release delivers key innovations that make it significantly easier for customers to achieve their mobile business objectives efficiently through security automation.”

The NowSecure Platform helps address security issues in mobile apps through monitoring released in the Apple App Store and Google Play. With over 600 tests per app release the gathered data has concerning results. 99% percent of banking and finance apps have security risks, and 61% have privacy risks. Retail is 100% &63%, and social media is 97% & 55%. NowSecure’s Mobile App Security and Privacy Tracker provides a breakdown of data and interactive graphs to help visualize the data.

NowSecure also has several other solutions in its full security suite including NowSecure Workstation, NowSecure Supply Chain Risk Management, NowSecure Pen Testing Services, and NowSecure Academy training courses. For more about the NowSecure platform you can visit


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