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SageNet partners with HYPR

SageNet partners with HYPR

TULSA, Okla.—SageNet, managed network services and cybersecurity solutions provider, partnered with security company HYPR to resell its enterprise-ready Fast Identity Online (FIDO)-certified, passwordless security solutions. 

“SageNet has built a strong reputation for providing organizations [with] a full range of state-of-the-art security tools, delivered by one of the most experienced cybersecurity teams in the industry,” SageNet CEO Daryl Woodard said in the announcement. “As more transactions occur remotely, and with recent events driving greater use of telework and contactless payments, the convenience and enhanced security offered by an authentication platform like HYPR is enormous.” 

HYPR eliminates passwords and shared secrets across the enterprise, replacing them with secure, mobile-initiated login to desktops and applications. The authentication platform has been deployed by industry leaders worldwide who have seen a sharp decrease in password reuse, phishing attacks and in some cases have reduced Account Takeover Fraud (ATO) by up to 99 percent. In addition, millions of dollars have been saved by companies in password resets and customer service costs. 

“By replacing passwords with public key encryption, you create a very strong authentication process and remove a hacker’s favorite target,” Paul Truit, SageNet’s chief information security officer explained. “That’s hugely important, especially for those companies with hundreds and thousands of locations and employees. With attacks becoming more sophisticated, it makes sense to do everything you can to protect your infrastructure and safeguard your data as well as the data of your customers.” 

Services offered through HYPR complement SageNet’s rich cybersecurity offerings: vulnerability scanning with ASV capability, managed firewall services, SOC and SIEM services, and a range of other security tools and consulting. 

“We’re excited about the deep experience and security capabilities SageNet already brings to our partnership,” George Muldoon, vice president of Strategic Alliances, HYPR, said. “SageNet shares our belief that 2020 kicks off the passwordless decade, and most importantly, they have the expertise and resources to maximize the value of HYPR’s market-leading, passwordless solutions with their clients.” 


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