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Sargent and Greenleaf opens direct to consumer site

Sargent and Greenleaf opens direct to consumer site New e-commerce platform to focus on residential and small business offerings

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky.—Sargent and Greenleaf, a division of STANLEY Security that makes mechanical and electronic locks, on Aug. 13 launched S&G Lock Shop, its first direct to consumer e-commerce site.

“We've been looking at new ways to grow our business and, given our currently portfolio, we obviously sell direct to OEMs or the traditional B2B model,” Kelly Edney, marketing manager for Sargent and Greenleaf, told Security Systems News. “It's really about expanding our reach as a manufacturer and increasing our brand awareness with this new target market,” she said.

“This e-commerce platform is just focused on residential or small business products, and really targeting those DIY end users, — so, not someone we are reaching today,” Edney said.

Sargent and Greenleaf is continuing to support its distribution partners, in part through the company's corporate site and the S&G Lock Shop site occupying different web sites, Edney noted. “On each product page of the current corporate site, there will be an option for someone to easily find a distributor,” she said. “The first option is for them to find a distributor, and if they choose not to go that route, then they can buy direct from us.”

S&G also tries to direct end users to safe and vault technicians in their area through the company's site.

The new site is also well-suited for S&G's new AxisBlu lock which will be coming out soon. “It's a new gun safe lock, and we felt like all of our gun safe locks, or products that are geared toward … more of a residential space, that we had an opportunity to really target end users with these products,” Edney said.

S&G Lock Shop is currently aimed at customers in the Americas. “We are focused predominantly in North America and South America right now,” Edney said. “As we continue to understand this platform, our expectation is that we will grow into other regions globally.”

The company has been working on the set up for S&G Lock Shop since late 2017, Edney noted.


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