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Securitas presents new global brand identity

Securitas presents new global brand identity

Securitas presents new global brand identity

STOCKHOLM—Headlined by the tagline “See a different world,” Securitas has launched a major update to its global brand identity and positioning, highlighting the company’s human and progressive approach to security, and the positive impact of its innovation and technology.

Securitas’ new brand, which includes the first major update of the well-known Securitas logo since 1972, delivers an original tone of voice, visual identity and a positive and proactive storytelling agenda. It will be visible on Securitas’ personnel uniforms, vehicles, equipment and facilities, as well as its digital tools and online channels. The brand will be rolled out gradually across the company’s worldwide operations.

The tagline “See a different world” emphasizes the expertise and diversity of Securitas' people, and the relevance of its offerings. It is intended to resonate with audiences within and beyond the security business, and to enable Securitas to engage in conversations with a wider range of stakeholders.

“Our new brand shows the world who we are and where we’re going. It builds on Securitas’ proud heritage and values of integrity, vigilance and helpfulness, and focuses on our unique people and high-impact technology,” Securitas President and CEO Magnus Ahlqvist said in the announcement. “We work with many of the world’s most recognizable companies, and our new identity makes it clear how we can help create a more sustainable and inclusive future together with our clients and partners. It will open even more doors for our business and accelerate our strategy execution.”

Securitas has 355,000 employees serving 150 global clients and more than 150,000 clients in total across 48 markets. The company is accelerating its digital transformation through investing in data-driven tools and analytics and by interacting with clients in innovative ways and aims to double its sales of electronic security and security solutions by 2023.

“This is a milestone for our company and our industry,” said Securitas VP of Brand and Strategic Marketing, Mauro Silva. “We reflected on our strategy, our world and what clients expect from us today and saw an opportunity for differentiation. Securitas is a knowledge-driven company where engaged and talented people make a positive difference every day. This brand expresses our confidence in the future, while remaining true to our heritage and people, and makes our leadership clearer than ever.”


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