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Self-install is a cinch ... for professionals

Self-install is a cinch ... for professionals

I came across this feature in a couple different papers over the last week or so (this one's from the Washington Post) about how darn easy it is to install your own home security system. You only need to remember stuff like –try to mount the cameras under an overhang that will keep them dry from all but the most violent wind-driven rain.” (Shouldn't you try to mount it where it will capture the best video?) And this tip, "Installing the cables so they are hidden can be challenging, so consider using wireless security cameras if you intend to install the camera in a place where it will be hard to run thin video cables. Keep in mind that these cameras still need a power supply, which can be batteries or a low-voltage cable from a nearby transformer.” Heck I'm always stringing cable from nearby transformers. This will be a piece of cake! Then I saw that the author of this helpful info is a –home builder, remodeling contractor, licensed master plumber, master carpenter, master roof cutter and real estate broker.” Now I understand why it's so easy.



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