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SimpliSafe honors home defenders with LTD signage for National Dog Day

SimpliSafe honors home defenders with LTD signage for National Dog Day

SimpliSafe honors home defenders with limited edition signage for National Dog Day

BOSTON – Home security system maker SimpliSafe is offering up a selection of unique yard signs honoring Home Security’s original protector.

August 26 was National Dog Day, and SimpliSafe has six unique limited edition yard signs that celebrate dogs as home protectors and are available free of purchase at while supplies last.

"As the experts in home protection, we uniquely know what it takes to protect our customers and the lives they've built," said Brenda Bynarowicz, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SimpliSafe. "Our dogs take on a lot of roles as beloved companions – playmate, alarm clock, personal trainer, therapist – but a foolproof protector isn't one of them. This campaign celebrates our dogs, as our (sort of) partners in protection. It's a fun way for us to surprise and delight not only our customers but anyone who loves dogs."

Man’s best friend has a long and storied history as residential guardians. Romans would have mosaics known as Cave Canem at the entrances to their homes, making them the first beware of dog signs. In research done by questioning convicted burglars as many as a third would reconsider robbing a home where the presence of a large dog is in evidence. 

With that said even SimpliSafe recognizes that while a canine companion isn’t the full package solution to home security, it’s a big step. “Though, in most cases, the reality is that our furry friends carry a hefty burden and can't reliably defend the home 24/7. SimpliSafe, however, can do just that.” They write. 

This campaign is part of SimpliSafe’s new visual look the company began to roll at the beginning of August. “The refreshed look and feel are designed to represent the values that are at the core of the brand and what it stands for, including superior safety, comprehensive protection, excellence in monitoring support and value. The new visual identity will continue to be introduced across SimpliSafe channels and creative in the coming weeks.” SimpliSafe wrote in their press release. 

After dog lovers redeem their sign at they’re encouraged to celebrate on social media tagging @SimpliSafe and using the hashtag #PupProtected.
Looking for a dog to be a beloved companion and home guardian? Try out or contact your local shelter. 


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