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Smart home high point for Vivint

Smart home high point for Vivint New customers like combo systems

PROVO, Utah—Vivint is bullish on smart home technology, reporting a record demand for its integrated smart home products and services, according to CMO Jeff Lyman.

“We've had a really solid year as far as growth. Eighty percent of our new customers are choosing one or more of our smart home devices with their systems, such as lock, camera and garage control, along with our doorbell control,"Lyman told Security Systems News.

Vivint says it has seen a 60 percent increase in smart home customers since the launch of its Sky smart home program in 2014.

Customers are mostly from “the higher end of the Millennial generation,” Lyman said. He's also seeing big interest from single parents and dual working parents.

“They want to 'be in their homes' from anywhere in the world,” he said, or at least “be able to beam into it.” That's what home automation allows, he said.

From letting the dog walker in to helping their son find their soccer cleats, “those little moments, those little friction points, in addition to core monitored security” are what matter most to customers, he said. “We want to give them as many hands as possible.”

Certain companies "have shrugged off" home automation offerings, he noted. Vivint, he said, works with its customers to see what their needs are, rolls out the charges on a monthly basis and works with a "short list of products" to save time and installation costs and reduce the way a system can cause problems.


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