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Suprema launches Biostation 2a

Suprema launches Biostation 2a

SEOUL, South Korea – Suprema, an access control and biometrics provider, has launched ‘BioStation 2a’a deep learning-based fingerprint recognition solution providing powerful access control features.

The company said that a cutting-edge AI algorithm is embedded in the BioStation 2a. “This innovation was achieved through Suprema's expertise in creating a lightweight AI engine optimized for edge device,” they said. BioStation 2a is a high performance edge device that has adopted an AI processor, NPU(Neural Processing Unit), that delivers highly accurate and fast fingerprint recognition.

“We are excited to unveil BioStation 2a to the market. This innovative solution represents the future of fingerprint recognition technology and empowers our customers to feel the power of AI within their fingers.” said Suprema Inc. CEO Hanchul Kim, “With BioStation 2a Suprema will enhance its position in the market as the global leader in AI-based biometric solutions setting new standards in the security industry.”

With Biostation 2a the ability to extract templates from low-quality fingerprints, such as those that are noisy or distorted has significantly improved by 30% in accuracy, Suprema said. Additionally, BioStation 2a has improved fingerprint recognition speed with a 1.5GHz Quad CPU(Processor) by supporting up to 50,000 users in 1:1 matching and 100,000 users in 1:N matching.

BioStation 2a offers a range of credential options including fingerprint, RFID, and mobile access (BLE/NFC). It fits into diverse environments, both outdoor spaces and indoor settings, and with an extended USB host, it helps customers to easily add-on new features.

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