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TACanada joins 'Convergint Nation'

TACanada joins 'Convergint Nation' Convergints sixth buy of 2016 is intelligent building provider TACanada

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.—"Convergint Nation" got larger on July 6 with its sixth acquisition this year. Systems integrator Convergint Technologies bought TACanada, a systems integrator with special expertise in intelligent buildings.

“A significant piece of our business in Canada, in addition to security, is on the building automation side,” Dan Moceri, Convergint co-founder and executive chairman, told Security Systems News.

TACanada will complement Convergint's existing business in Toronto.

“This deal increases our business in the Toronto area by about 50 percent,” Moceri said.

Founded in 1983, TACanada is based in Mississauga, Ontario. It “develops, produces, and supplies systems that integrate heating, cooling, access control, ventilation, security and lighting. The resulting system enables full control of an entire building(s) or individual room(s) from a single computer terminal on site or remotely,” according to the company website.

TACanada brings expertise in “vertical markets that are growing for us, like education and utilities,” Moceri said.

Moceri said that he considers utilities in particular as a “significant growth opportunity for us.”

"The entire TACanada team, including TACanada president David Dawson, will join Convergint Nation,” Moceri said.

"Convergint Nation" is a term the company came up with about seven years ago. “We're not a nation in a geographic sense. We're global and we all try to share information and knowledge around the globe. It seems to work fairly well,” Moceri said.

David Dawson told SSN that TACanada was “looking for a way to grow and support our customers better [and to serve them] nationally.” Convergint and TACanada share “a common culture, a common outlook, [a desire to] put fun back into the business and most importantly to service customers," he said.

He called the acquisition a “fantastic change.” Dawson said the process has been “enlightening and the whole team is proud to be part of the Convergint engine.”

In January, Convergint bought Dakota Security. Convergint purchased Enion in Switzerland and H&E Comfort Controls in Ontario in April.

It acquired Total Recall in May and Corporate Security Services in June.


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