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The good word

The good word

I survived my trip back from GSX mostly unscathed, but unfortunately, now I will be neck deep in transcription with all the wonderful interviews I conducted while there.

One pleasant surprise I had waiting for me when I returned was probably the best response to our news poll we’ve had since I started here at Security Systems News (SSN). It may be that it was just a topic ripe for discussion or a controversial enough decision by ADT, but reader response and comments were phenomenal and that made my day. Seriously, nothing is more fulfilling than proof of your readers’ engagement.

More than that it’s also a great way to open dialogue between my readers and the subject of the poll. ADT certainly felt confident in their decision to sell off their commercial division (and that division seems excited for their next step as a result), but most of the reader responses were firmly opposed to the sale and didn’t see it as a benefit. With the average subscriber and reader of SSN being security industry professionals and insiders, I sincerely hope ADT was taking notes, because that kind of feedback is valuable for them to know.

I have the same hope for this month’s poll covering the World Security Report from Allied Universal. There’s a wealth of valuable information painstakingly gathered in that document, and I hope that readers will engage with the poll and provide valuable feedback as a result. I know that Allied Universal would be interested in the responses that will be provided, and honestly, what better way to let them know what you think of that kind of report?

I’ve got my fingers crossed for good results, so be sure to scroll down the front page and give your two cents when you can.

Heck, give me a nickel, I know you’re good for it.


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