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Jetting into the future

Jetting into the future

Security Systems News Managing Editor Cory Harris’ blog last week, Get Smart, got me thinking. Not just about TV shows from my childhood, but the topic of the smart home and how much more “the home” – no matter where and what you call home – is becoming more and more of an epicenter of activity, at levels never before seen in my life.

But getting back to fun TV shows from our past (sorry I couldn’t resist!), my mind went to The Jetsons, that fun-loving family living in the not-so-distant future, where technology and automation drive their lives, sometimes to the point of dysfunction and ensuing hilarity. It seemed like every episode featured some new technology going awry.

We are already seeing the smart home move toward a Jetsons-like future, as homeowners continue to test new technology, towing the line between security and convenience – that complicated interplay that most security professionals grapple with every day.

“Consumers want the often-difficult combination of peace of mind, privacy and convenience with monitoring and independent living solutions,” said Chris White, Sr. Analyst, Parks Associates. “With video and audio analytics, standard devices such as video doorbells and networked cameras have expanded capabilities, providing more value and context to consumers.”

Video and audio gathered near access points are the most prominent and traditional monitoring activity, but increasingly consumers desire more monitoring beyond the entrance/exits of homes. Parks Associates’ latest consumer data also reveals 68 percent of network camera owners have cameras installed outside the home.

“Consumers are increasingly turning to networked cameras and video doorbells to provide the sense of security and peace of mind traditionally provided by full-fledged security systems,” White said. “Approximately a third of network camera owners report relying on their devices more heavily due to the COVID-19 crisis.”

Our homes are truly becoming our castles. And creating layers of security in and around the home is a trend that we will continue to see as homeowners look to create peace of mind while keeping convenience a top priority. In addition to the growth of DIY, as Cory pointed out in his blog, many are turning to security and monitoring professionals to help create this modern-day “smart castle” of the future. To continue with the TV show theme, picture Game of Thrones set in the 21st century … Game of “Smart” Thrones?

Anyway, the smart and secure home, as we have seen, has also attracted a lot of attention from outside the traditional security space, raising awareness and creating opportunities for incredible expansion of the residential security market.

As Parks Associates points out, the recent announcement that ASSA ABLOY will purchase Spectrum Brands’ hardware and home improvement business for $4.3 billion “underscores the drive to add new use cases and user experiences within a product portfolio. Video and audio analytics reach the consumer through a complex set of verticals that includes chipset makers, AI software companies, and pro-monitoring or storage companies, with opportunities for revenue growth across the value chain, especially in monitoring, maintenance and upgrades.”

We may not be ready for The Jetsons just yet (and definitely not ready for Game of Smart Thrones), but the spirit of innovation in and around the home is alive and well today!


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