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On The Editor's Desk

Jetting into the future

October 20, 2021Paul Ragusa

Security Systems News Managing Editor Cory Harris’ blog last week, Get Smart, got me thinking. Not just about TV shows from my childhood, but the topic of the smart home and how much more “the home” – no matter where and what you call home – is becoming more and more of an epicenter of activity, at levels never before seen in my life. But getting back to fun TV shows from our past (sorry I couldn’t resist!), my mind went to The Jetsons, that fun-loving...

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General News

Intrusion trends stem from smart home, home automation capabilities

January 2, 2020

YARMOUTH, Maine—The concept of physical intrusion, detection and keeping unauthorized individuals from accessing a particular space is an issue as old as time. Think moats dug around castles of old; concealed traps strategically placed around a particular area; the construction of tall, impenetrable walls protecting what's inside — all the way to modern days, where lives are filled with technologically savvy security systems; all types of locks on doors, cabinets, etc.; passwords...

home automation, Intruder Alarms, intrusion detection, Johnson Controls (JCI), Robert Davis, smart home, Smart home automation

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Home security and entertainment is converging

October 29, 2019Bill Hensley

With the ever-increasing access to smart technologies, consumers are expecting more than ever from them. This of course includes home security; homeowners expect an easy-to-use and reliable security system - one that tells them when the kids are home and when the package has been delivered. After all, what homeowners want is “peace of mind” and when elements like door locks and security systems connect together this is easier to achieve. Homeowners are now expecting their security systems...

audio visual, AV, Bill Hensley, Internet of Things (IoT), Nortek, smart home, Smart home automation

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News and Notes

The IoP(ets)

November 23, 2015Amy Canfield

I am one of the 60 percent of reported Americans who own pets. Apparently, this will drive me to be a smart home customer. I have two cats. One is older, one is a kitten. I love them to death. Do I need to watch them 24/7? No. They wake up after hours of sleep about 4 a.m., jump on my sleeping head and clamor for breakfast. After they eat, they are rambunctious, then they go back to sleep. For hours. How do I know where they are without a camera? I see their inches-deep hair on my living room sofa. They...

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