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Tyco Fire brings three new sprinkler valves to American market

Tyco Fire brings three new sprinkler valves to American market

LANSDALE, Pa.—Tyco Fire Protection Products introduced three new valves in the American market this summer for use in commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems. Introduced were two new resilient seated gate valves and the pre-trimmed DV-5 Deluge Valve.

The valves, which are UL-listed and FM-approved, are part of Tyco's extensive line of fire system valves. They have proved popular in other markets worldwide, and now the American market is ripe for them as well, Gijsbert van Rooyen, product manager for valve products at Tyco, told Security Systems News.

The pretrimmed DV-5 Deluge Valve is available in a pretrimmed version in the U.S. for the first time, the company said. The valve can be used for deluge, pre-action and special types of systems, including foam-water, and single- and double-interlock systems, and is designed for vertical and horizontal installations and external resetting.

The valve is preassembled so there's no need to order a variety of parts, and then assemble the valve on site and do trimming. The valve arrives in one package—which saves on shipping—and can simply be taken out of the box and installed, van Rooyen said.

And he said the Tyco valve also stands out because “we offer the valve completely tested” to ensure there are no leaks. “That's the biggest benefit of the DV-5 pretrimmed,” he said.

“The customer benefit is having that time saving [when it comes to installation], and it's fully tested, so it's a double time saving. … The total market is looking to do jobs more quickly and we help them by offering it pretrimmed,” van Rooyen said.

Also available in the American market for the first time are two Tyco resilient seated gate valves designed for use in a fire protection system for on/off operation.

Van Rooyen said Tyco has sold the Tyco OS&Y and Non-Rising Stem Post Indicator gate valves in the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific markets for two or three years. But now that the company has UL approval for them, “we also decided to introduce them in the American market.”

Among the gate valves' benefits is that they are made of ductile iron so are up to 40 percent lighter than conventional cast iron valves. That means they're easier to handle at an installation site and cost less to ship, van Rooyen said.


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